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Absolute control over your projects

Amethyst Project monitors all your Jira projects to ensure they are running as planned. It allows you to plan projects, budgets and allocations, all in one place.

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Features Amethyst Project

A unique solution for the complete administration of mid-sized and large projects in Atlassian Jira.

Project portfolio

Make realistic plans across your portfolio

Project portfolio prioritization and optimization is the key to reaching your objectives. Have updated information about your portfolio status to hand at all times. Monitor visualizations of all required contexts and make decisions based on real data.

Project administration

Share your project status with just one click

Check your project status quickly and easily. One click is enough to share information about the current status of your project with your team and managers. Don’t waste time on complicated ways to set up your projects, copy-pasting or duplicating your data. Focus only on the key planning activities.

Project planning

Simply alternate between Waterfall and Agile

Remove any obstacles between your plan and its realization. Import your existing issues from Jira and plan even the most complex project simply and efficiently at every stage. The app is perfectly intuitive to use.

We recognized a need for a simple tool that would cover all the issues regarding project management and efficient planning. So we created Amethyst Project.

Marek Vejrosta, Product Owner

Capacity status

Get updated information about capacity statuses

Be constantly aware of the take-up of planned project capacities and activities which eat up available working hours. Create realistic expectations for achieving milestones and project delivery deadlines.

Time allocation

Use the time of your people efficiently

Intelligent algorithms will design optimal variants for various resources in accordance with the entered criteria, and will help uncover project bottlenecks. Approve your reservation of work time with respect to your project priorities.

Battle card

Comparison between the Amethyst Project app and frequently downloaded apps for Jira available at Atlassian Marketplace.

Amethyst Project Portfolio Tempo Planner Tempo Budget BigPicture
# Project portfolio
Portfolio of projects + + - + +
# Project management
Graphic plan of your project + + + - +
Project detail + - - - -
# Capacity record
Employee + + + - +
Virtual source + + - - -
Teams + + + - +
Skills + + - - -
Roles + - + - -
# Allocation
Employee + + + - +
Team - + + - +
Alerts * - - - -
# Planning
Backlog + + + - +
Automation + + - - -
Drag-and-drop + - + - +
Graphic representation + + + - +
Dependencies * + - - +
Gantt Charts * - - - +
Milestones + - - - +
What-if scenarios * + - - -
Critical path * - - - +
Risk management - - - - +
Snapshots * - - - -
# Scope
Progress + + + - +
# Work log reporting
Timesheets * - - + -
Approval process * - - - -
# Finance
Costs + - - + -
  • Legenda:
  • included
  • coming soon
  • not included

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How can Amethyst Project make your work easier?

Project Management Office

Get comprehensive information about your projects – rapidly. Thanks to clearly defined roles within the project teams, you always know who is in charge. You have sufficient input to make qualified decisions in time. You can easily share the status of your projects and portfolios with managers.

Project Manager

Creating a new project and monitoring its progress is so much easier now. Options for phasing in a project plan and setting up important milestones help you to stay in control. Easily assess a plan’s fulfilment and capitalize on the allocation of your team – all optimally designed by the app. Immediately evaluate the feasibility of the project with the given capacities.

IT manager

Get an instant overview of your project status including plan visualization. Work with up-to-the-minute information on the total capacity of your people, planned volumes of work, and workloads awaiting approval. Realistically assess requirements and avoid overloading your team.

Contact us

Are you wondering if the Amethyst Project is the right one for you? Do you have any questions? Please let us know and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Stanislav Hybášek
Business Owner

Marek Vejrosta
Product Owner

E: amethyst@morosystems.cz

T: +420 739 008 938

You can find us in Brno, Prague, Hradec Králové and Bratislava.

About us

Who we are

We are MoroSystems, a Czech software company, an official partner of Atlassian since 2010 and the only Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in the Czech Republic. Our mission is to unite the most qualified and talented IT people in our teams. We strongly believe that, in an environment stimulating collaboration and open discussion, we will be able to develop the potential of our people to utmost excellence.

Why we created Amethyst Project

We have been implementing Atlassian tools in companies and organisations for more than 7 years. In addition, we ourselves use the Atlassian tools to support project management, software development as well as a variety of other processes. As time passed, we started to see a need to have a simple app to be used by us and our clients, which would address all needs relating to project planning and project management in one place. That was the reason why we decided to create Amethyst Project – a project management app for Atlassian Jira.


Thámova 166/18,
186 00 Prague 8 – Karlín,
Czech Republic

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Smetanova 1022/19,
602 00 Brno,
Czech Republic

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Hradec Králové

Průmyslová 1200/4A,
500 02 Hradec Králové,
Czech Republic

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Hraničná 18,
821 05 Bratislava

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